map celebrates the World Cup in Qatar and turns it into a competitive football game –

There “Football Celebration” map related to minecraft turns it into a competitive football game to celebrate its debut. football world cup in qatar cheerful and carefree.

Football Celebration map on the official Minecraft marketplace

The map allows for real play football games Hire a team of gangs to try to be the first in the world. It has to be said that although it is only a mod, it is very well done and offers good depth.

Especially anyone who wants to enjoy the World Cup without buying extra video games (the map still costs 1340 coins, so it’s not really free), should give it a try. Of course you need to have Minecraft and you do not expect the presence of official players of the world championships, but there is still a lot of fun, especially if you like mobs and the impeccable gameplay of Mojang.

So far the Football Celebration map has received 552 points, most of which are positive.

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