Lies of P received 5/5 and 4/5 floods from fans who tried the demo

P lies It will be available in September 2023, but soulslike fans have already had the opportunity to get their hands on the game and get an idea of ​​what the adventure’s premise is, thanks to a demo. Obviously, it’s too early to make a full judgment, but it’s possible to say what’s what. first impressions of the game and apparently very positive.

Neowiz posted a post via X showing feedback from players who tried it. Lies of P demois calculated by votes from one to five. In general, players gave very high scores, 4 and 5.

Lies of P, enthusiast-rated categories

more precisely, fans voted Lies of P’s sound, interface, graphics, story/environment, combat, gameplay mechanics, controls, weapon management, character empowerment and overall gameplay experience.

In technical terms, the graphical interface got 38.9% of 5/5 and 38.4% of 4/5. The volume is slightly above at 52.4% of 5/5 and 32% of 4/5. However, the ingredient that really impresses enthusiasts is, graphicIt exhibits a remarkable performance with 74.7% 5/5 and 21.9% 4/5. Finding 2/5 and 1/5 insufficient, only 3.8% disliked the Lies of P demo graphics, while 96.6% rated it excellent.

Also excellent answer to the storyGets 61.8% of 5/5 and 29% of 4/5. The fight got some more criticism, but it still boasts 23% 5/5 and 44.3% 4/5. Game mechanics are among the least appreciated elements even if it is a very general category and therefore each player is focused on different details to judge. In any case, we are talking about 17.7% of 5/5 and 25.6% of 4/5. However, the controls see a much sharper split, with almost a fifth of the votes for each issue. Weapon use was appreciated by 62.8%, adding 5/5 and 4/5. The leveling system instead reaches 74.7% in the first two categories.

We finally found general opinion about the gameIt boasts 42.2% 5/5, 44% 4/5 and 10% 3/5.

We remind you that we also tried an important demo of Lies of P.

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