Remnant 2, Gunfires explains why no joint progress and answers other questions

led by Fiery Games Q&A on Reddit It allowed the public to ask questions about it. remaining 2. Fans took the opportunity to examine some elements of the game, talked a few times about the technical issues, and also asked for some clarification on the main factors related to the progress of the campaign and difficulty management.

First of all, Gunfire Games has stated in general: technical problems that it is in the process of being resolved or that the team will investigate the issues. The question about unshared progress was more interesting. So the answer is, unfortunately, the procedural nature of the game doesn’t allow you to progress in your game while your friends are in the game: that is, a design limit that cannot be exceeded in any way.

remaining 2 difficulty management

The remaining 2 are procedural and joint progress is not technically possible

Instead, on the subject difficultyUnfortunately, the team cannot provide exact details, but acknowledges that they have plans for it. But the question asked by the Reddit user was interesting because he offered the team to manage the difficulty level, not only by changing the parameters of the enemies, but also by defining the number and type of opponents.

Obviously this is an interesting option, but it requires a good amount of teamwork as a team. number of enemies Remnant 2 must also be connected to the field to ensure that the player does not find himself under pressure by the opposing armies.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, Gunfire Games is working on Remnant 2’s cross-play.

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