Quantum Error is Gold and a game rollout is coming soon

Teamkill Media has officially confirmed on social media that the cosmic horror FPS Quantum Error has finally become. Gold ie “ready to print” and not delayed. But in reality, quantum error There’s no concrete release date yet, but Teamkill has previously been targeting 2023 and that now seems like the most credible prospect.

Developed with Quantum Error Unreal Engine 5 and it will only come to current generation systems to ensure Teamkill gets the most out of his game. A PS4 release was originally planned, but was recently canceled.

Quantum Error, a firefighter against a major threat

The ax will be one of our first weapons in Quantum Error.

There history of quantum error He sees a group of firefighters summoned to the Monad Quantum Research Facility on the California coast. Due to a massive fire, firefighters must rush to rescue as many trapped people as possible.

Unfortunately, fire is the least of their problems, because something much more sinister hidden inside the building. We will have to use fire trucks and firefighter equipment to find your way through an increasingly dangerous environment.

The team is also a game promo video this will allow you to see in more detail what we can expect from the Quantum Error.

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