Redfall is not based on Unreal Engine 5, states Arkane’s creative director

Although some past information suggests otherwise, redfall not based Unreal Engine 5as stated by Harvey Smith, creative director of Arkane StudiosDuring an interview broadcast by WCCFTech.

The matter has never been clearly clarified until now, and it was generally thought that the new Arkane game was one of the first to take full advantage of the latest version of the Epic Games graphics engine, but apparently it is not.

“While in the middle of development, Epic released Unreal Engine 5, but the game Unreal Engine 4.26. If we had more time, we could probably convert everything to Unreal Engine 5, but we just had to work hard to upgrade to 4.26,” Smith explained.

As such, it’s one of the newest releases of Unreal Engine 4, but not Epic Games’ next-gen graphics engine powering Redfall, now there’s official confirmation. On the other hand, I must say that the idea that this is a game on Unreal Engine 5 was never suggested by Arkane.

On closer inspection, even Official FAQ Redfall explicitly mentions Unreal Engine 4 as the underlying graphics engine for the game, so this really shouldn’t be a shocking statement. Meanwhile, we posted a Redfall sample and Smith also reported that a PS5 version is in development but has been canceled by Microsoft.

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