Leak: Details of an Xbox exclusive leak from Avalanche Studios

Leakage finally i could Will appear in 2024According to reports from Middleagegamegy on the XNC Podcast, nothing was reported at the same time. Xbox specific details It has been pointed out by Avalanche Studios that this is indeed a valid title.

According to what was reported during the podcast, the person who carried out the leak in question knows someone who had this opportunity. play He reported to Contraband for a testing period of about 2 weeks that this “increases the excitement for this game because it's awesome.”

Apparently, Contraband supports 8 player multiplayer in co-op mode and various other game types. As we realized when we saw the first official trailer at E3 2021, it has a special 70s-inspired setting.

It might be the smuggler's time

In fact, we've seen almost nothing else about this interesting game since then, so it might be time to give it a play. presentation: According to the leaker in question, this should happen in 2024, even if there are no more definitive indicators on this matter.

Gameplay It will feature spectacular vehicle chases, but the game won't just be about those and it won't just be about the driving, it will also feature a variety of gameplay mechanics within a composite gameplay.

Contraband will be similar in some ways to series like Hazzard or games like Battlefield Hardline, Driver and PayDay, creating a blend of their features. Currently in one phase between alpha and betahas an as yet unknown or undefined release time.

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