Cities: Skylines II community is becoming increasingly toxic, according to Colossal Order's CEO

Colossal Order, development studio Cities: Skylines IIaddressed the problem toxicity Grow society Details of the game are included in the first message of 2024, published on the official blog and signed by CEO Mariina Hallikainen.

The post also talks about the status of work that still needs to be done on the game. updatesBut the most interesting part is precisely the part about the difficulties he faces in his relationship with the audience.

Maximum toxicity

Cities: Skylines II has toxicity issues

Hallikainen makes a necessary suggestion before getting to the crux of the matter: “Last but not least, we have noticed an increasing trend of toxicity in our society, something we have never experienced to this extent before. The toxicity is aimed not only at us but also at the developers.” This has also led to many hesitation among community members to engage with the community.” He then touched upon what could be a big problem for Türkiye. survival of Cities: Skylines II: “In the long run, this will not only hurt the mood and serenity of community members, but will also discourage creativity and modders, which would be truly sad to see.”

Hallikainen later recalled how Colossal Order has always supported and appreciated developers engaging with the community, but also makes it clear: “Our biggest responsibility will always be to protect the team and ensure they work in a safe environment so they can stay motivated and productive and do their best.”

That's why the invitation must continue criticize As much as you want, but in a constructive way, while also providing ideas on how to improve communication between the team and the community. Colossal Order plans to reduce engagement on social media if a solution is not found. “How can we make sure the community is a safe place to share thoughts and hopes for gaming?”

Here are some ideas to get you started:
Give feedback and disagree, but do so constructively! Be specific and detailed and don't worry about what others think. We have a diverse community, so opinions and experiences will always vary.
Assume that people want to do good and remember that it can be difficult to convey tone in writing.
Help us make the community an enjoyable place for everyone by showing your colleagues how to give constructive feedback.
Always be kind 🙂

Cities: Skylines II was not released under optimal conditions due to poor optimization. However, the development team has always been transparent about this issue and made it clear that they had to release the game under these circumstances, giving advance warning to prevent compulsive purchases by those most sensitive to the issue. There transparency Unfortunately it didn't work and many bought it anyway, then started pestering the developers in various ways to relieve stress.

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