Final Fantasy 14 the director loves it enough to do anything to keep working on it

Naoki Yoshida is truly in love Final Fantasy 14Which one managerIt's gotten to the point where he'll do anything to keep working on it even if Square Enix fires him. Our man addressed the issue at Fanfest 2024 in Tokyo, explaining what would happen to the game if he died or was fired.

In the second hypothesis, Yoshida He would start at the bottom and even accept an outside contract to continue working there. If he couldn't get this from the company, he would settle for retirement and become one of those players who constantly complain about the game and its developers. In short, it's his true love for Final Fantasy 14.

What if he dies?

If he died, nothing would happen. As a 50-year-old developer, Yoshida wants to live for at least another 20 or 30 years, but his team would have been better off if his departure from these sad shores had come earlier: “Maybe there will be no one like me anymore. Who can talk about an expansion for two hours in front of the huge audience of Tokyo Dome?” “But I'm sure my team can convey the same knowledge and the same enthusiasm.”

After all, Yoshida isn't the only one who's in love with Final Fantasy 14. Hironobu SakaguchiThe father of the Final Fantasy series recently admitted that he spent 80% of his waking hours with Final Fantasy 14 in the first few months of playing it.

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