Krafton will continue to invest in big games and new IP –

Callisto Protocol It seems to have gotten much worse than expected but this won’t stop Krafton frominvest in new intellectual property and large-caliber gamesreported recently in strategic programs, according to the company.

Krafton’s idea is to “stand firm” in his plan to “secure new trainings”. expanding our game intellectual propertyAccording to the documents, the company says it is committed to sustainable growth and “strengthening its global publishing capabilities.”

Therefore, in addition to the “web3 and Deep Learning” commitment, expanding the portfolio on the triple-A video game productions front will be a sector of great importance. PUBG stands out as the company’s “highest priority”.

“To achieve this, now is the time to highlight our need to focus and innovate in our capabilities in 2023, and continue to focus on organizational skills, strengthen publishing capabilities, and continue to invest in the future.”

Obviously, despite sales below expectations of the Callisto Protocol, Krafton is perhaps more cost-conscious, but in any case plans to continue on this path with large-scale production in the near future.

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