Gothic 1 Remake. let’s see scary mole rats –

Development studio Alkimia Interactive, a new image related to Gothic 1 Remake to showcase a new version of one of the most famous creatures in the game: mole rat.

Mole rats are certainly not the scariest creatures in the game, but their tendency to live in groups makes them particularly dangerous at the beginning of the adventure.

Mole rats aren’t exactly the beauty pageant type

Let’s read the official description of the game:

kingdom Myrtana was overrun by a ruthless army of orcs.
In order to obtain the vast amount of magic ore needed to craft powerful weapons, King Rhobar II recruits all available prisoners in the Khorinis mines. The Sovereign asks his best mages to create a magical barrier to prevent him from escaping. but something is going wrong, wrong way. The magic spirals out of control and a riot turns the mines into a lawless zone controlled by the most violent inmates.
Tensions rise between the different factions that fill the mine, as the king must come to terms with the leaders of the new group. What no one expected is that the arrival of an unidentified prisoner would completely change the situation.


  • Return to the Colony with a complete remake of 2001’s popular and revolutionary Gothic.
  • Rediscover the world of the mining colony with its secrets and challenges.
  • Play as the Nameless Hero – Decide the fate of a prisoner who must survive in a world full of wild animals, creatures and dangerous prisoners.
  • A complete and faithful remake of the original Gothic 1.
  • A revamped combat system that brings the core dynamics of the original into the modern era.

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