Mundfish Denies Collecting Data for the Russian Government –

Recently, a rather peculiar accusation has surfaced. atomic heartbut team Mundfish denied categorically that the game or the linked website collect user information to supply them to the Russian government.

The idea is a bit odd, but it may also be reasonable given the times going on: the blame was made by the site. AIN.CapitalNoting that there is a passage in the privacy management regulations of the Atomic Heart official website that states that user data may be collected and shared with Russian government authorities, especially the tax office and the FSB or Federal. Security Office.

According to the news from the site this snippet appears only in russian language and not in English, but the link provided currently throws an error. In addition, AIN.Capital accuses Mundfish of being a company that receives funding from Russian government entities such as Gazprom and continues to maintain a Moscow address for its main offices despite being based in Cyprus.

“Our game and site they do not collect information or dataIn response to claims asked by GamesRadar, Mundfish said: “The site’s privacy claims are outdated and inaccurate and should have been removed years ago. To reassure our fans of the integrity of the studio and its products, we have closed shop. We apologize for any confusion that may have arisen regarding this matter.”

In fact, there are some rather dubious elements of the answer, as this snippet acknowledges its previous existence in privacy regulations and simply states that it is “dated”. We might think that this is the standard formula used by such conventions in the Russian media, but in such a case it may leave room for doubt.

Mundfish declared itself “an international team” and “an organization advocating peace against violence”. We’re waiting to see if there will be any changes to the official site at this point, currently the team has not commented to GamesRadar as to whether it has collected any data from users in the past.

In any case, Atomic Heart features: release date It’s scheduled for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on February 21, and is also available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. It has recently entered the golden phase, so it should not be delayed any longer.

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