Konami: Revenues are increasing thanks to Kojima

Konami It published its financial report for the fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2023. income increase thanks to very successful launches. In short, it was a truly brilliant period for the Japanese broadcaster. Meanwhile, revenues increased by 11.6% to 253.1 billion yen (about $1.72 billion), corporate profits increased by 53% to 62.8 billion yen (about $427 million), and operating profits increased by 59% to 59.6 billion yen. billion yen (about $405.2 million).

Kojima is trolling Konami

Konami's revenues came primarily from launches. Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol.1 and Momotaro Dentetsu World: Chikyuwa Kiboude Mawatteru, both very successful. It's paradoxical (just a side note) that the work of Hideo Kojima, who was kicked out of the company ten years ago, is still making so much money. In any case, the performances of eFootball 2024 and Professional Baseball Spirits were also excellent.

Konami's other divisions were equally successful during this period; The entertainment business doubled its profits year over year to 2.2 billion yen (about $15 million) on revenue of 16.3 billion yen (+55%).

As a result, Konami has increased its forecasts for the current fiscal year, with revenues rising from an initially expected 328 billion yen to a now expected 343 billion yen (+15%). If the data were confirmed, annual growth would be 28.7%.

Similarly, corporate profit estimates increased by 15.5% (from 63 to 78.5 billion yen, +21.9% on an annual basis), while operating profit estimates increased by 12% (from 60 to 72 billion yen, on an annual basis). +25.8%) increased. .

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