Immortals of Aveum could have sold more at a lower price, according to Ascendant CEO

Bret Robbins, CEO of Ascendant Studios, said in an interview with Remap Radio: Immortals of Aveum could have sold better lowest price: “The game is currently on sale and I'm sure the big increase we've experienced in sales is due to the price. The price is interesting and it must be said that we should have released the game at a lower price.”

In short, it is, if we like, a not too subtle criticism of the agreed price. electronic artsHe said sales would be somewhat limited. Immortals of Aveum was 50% off when the interview was recorded.

Price and output problem

Would Immortals of Aveum have done better at a lower price?

But for Robbins, it wasn't just the price. It would have preferred to release in January 2024, but due to financial reasons it was not possible to do so, meaning the studio had to survive without income for several months.

Unfortunately, poor sales forced upper management to fire half the studio in September 2023. In the interview, Robbins mentioned the possibility of bringing the game to subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, but nothing is certain for now.

Before we leave you, we'd like to remind you that Immortals of Aveum is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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