Jumplight Odyssey: New gameplay trailer from Guerrilla Collective

League of Geeks development studio has released a new game. game trailers related to Jumplight Adventure On the occasion of the Guerilla Collective event. More precisely, it is a video where the developers are commenting on the game and some basic systems offered to the players are explained.

This is a film A two and a half minute episode showing the gameplay of the game and the various environments of the spaceship that we must manage to save ourselves from an impending threat.

Lead your crew on a daring escape from space to outer space. constant star in this space colony roguelite simulator.

Escape the clutches of Admiral Voltan and warrior Zutopan as you build, repair, maintain, defend and grow on the backdrop of your starship’s many decks. Now that your homeworld has been destroyed and your people scattered, it’s up to you to keep Hope alive on a dangerous adventure across the galaxy!

Oh, there’s one more thing… pig. You can tame it. Should I tell more?

As the commander, you must take care of the needs of everyone on board, from socializing, sleeping and eating to water and air. No, Wi-Fi does not fall into this range of needs.
Eat, sleep, work and survive: a captivating and immersive gaming experience on a spaceship with a crew leading their lives as normal. Members will interact with each other as brothers, sisters, lovers, friends and rivals. We hope there isn’t too much interaction of the second kind, but we’re not making any promises.
Mood and ideas are contagious! Relationships and controversies directly impact the team in this star-studded soap opera. Don’t lose hope or prepare to face the consequences!

Before we leave, we remind you that Jumplight Odyssey has been developed for PC, Xbox Series X and S and PS5.

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