Gori: Cuddly Carnage gameplay trailer by Guerrilla Collective

Publisher Wired Productions and development studio Angry Demon Studio game trailers related to Gori: Cute Carnage On the occasion of the Guerrilla Collective. You can see it below:

Gori: Cuddly Carnage is in development with Unreal Engine 5 and has been awarded the Epic MegaGrant. A third-person hack ‘n’ slash game set in a futuristic world filled with mutant toys. Gori, cat The protagonist must use his deadly hoverboard to save his friends from certain death.

Let’s find out what they are personalities It’ll be part of Kim Gori’s adventure: “Come and meet the crew. First of all, there’s FRANK, your razor-sharp hoverboard with its own conscience. Then there’s the artificial intelligence modular CH1-P, which does nothing but groan as you exit. A swarm of wicked toys.” And then there is Gori, the star of the game, the world’s cutest and most troublesome cat.”

THEM enemies just as brutal: “This adorable team is drawn into a war that destroys humans and devastates everything on earth that isn’t cute or cute enough for the Cute Army: a horde of bloodthirsty, mutant toys that only YOU can eliminate!”

This features Talking about the game:

• A fast-paced, third-person, carnage-packed slide and slash.
• A futuristic world tainted by the Cute Army.
• Immersive (and cute) environments.
• Music that adapts and reacts to your moves and playstyle.
• Intense destruction, brutal combat and a whole world to shatter.

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