Cocoon is coming to PlayStation alongside Xbox, Switch and PC

During Developers Day We had the chance to review the month of June 2023. cocoonsAdventure game created by Jeppe Carlsen, most famous as the main game designer for Limbo and Inside. It has been confirmed to come to PC, Switch, and Xbox, as well as PlayStation. It will be on Game Pass in D1.

We’ll have the opportunity in Cocoon interaction with foreign environments and a series of strange alien devices made by an ancient civilization. We will be able to explore a number of unique and diverse biomes, including industrial structures and huge caves. We will need to find out how these places are interconnected and learn how to use their mechanisms to move forward and shed light on a great cosmic mystery.

Cocoon is an adventure similar to Limbo and Inside. puzzle structure with various game worlds in a sphere that you can carry with you. You can then jump into one world, take one into another and figure out how to combine them to solve complex puzzles. There will also be tough battles with new mechanics constantly against powerful guards and ruthless enemies.

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