Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Is Bombarded With Negative Criticism For Being ‘Too Alert’

Totally predictable, unfortunately, with the opening of user reviews Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores The classic also appeared bombardment of negative comments because of him content rated as “very vigilant”.

Against the critics’ average rating, which is currently 81 based on nearly twenty reviews, thus confirming the positive evaluation of the initial ratings, users’ Metascore gives an alarming report. 4.8because most of the reviews are negative.

Despite the presence of some more sensible criticisms of the story’s construction and the variety of action, many user reviews focus on Aloy’s sexual address, given the revealing of what happened to the protagonist in the new expansion (a spoiler, so click the link if you haven’t played it, at your own risk).

Most of the negative reviews criticize the game’s purposefulness. LGBTQarguing that the developers wanted to add a political agenda to Horizon Forbidden West and defend the cause of gay people by adding elements of it more or less forcefully.

Among these various allegations propaganda Wake tends to miss the most sensible reviews, and soon, “0” reviews became the majority, as is often the case in these cases.

By the way, an Italian code of the Pangea Figurines has been found to be missing in the last few hours, you can read it here.

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