Afterimage: 16-minute gameplay video showing us hand-drawn Metroidvania

Game Informer shared a new post. gameplay videos of Metroidvania afterimageComing on April 26, 2023. The video shows us exploring the entire area in the early stages of the game. You can see the video below.

Afterimage, as noted, is a metroidvania in which we play. Renee, a young woman with almost no memory, accompanied by the character of Ifree. We will explore the land of the Engardin with 15 different regions, from huge volcanoes to oceans, towers, forests and more.

This video it shows us one of the first areas of Afterimage and gives us an insight into the in-depth platform-based exploration speed and combat based on the use of various weapons and magic. At the end of the video, we also see a boss fighting against an unnamed enemy.

In our test we told you, “Beyond some confusion about narrative methods, Afterimage has shown that it has clear ideas and a solid artistic foundation behind it. Aurogon Shanghai has a deep knowledge of the metroidvania genre, but is not afraid to distance itself from certain conventions of the genre, above all different in terms of setting. proposing a vision.The Rubiwood forest and the other levels we traveled with Renee and Ifree proved to be fun and cleverly designed at the same time in terms of the advancement of skills, which will definitely lead us to watch the environments over and over and see them in a different light each time. The demo was presented in technically excellent condition, with no sharp edges, which is good, because April 26 – the day of the game’s release – isn’t that far off.”

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