Battlefield 2042: Update 4.2 coming soon, release date and details

battlefield 2042 about to get his 4.2 UpdateIt’s definitely of interest to active players in the DICE and EA war shooter community and its launch is set for next week.

Battlefield 2042 update will arrive on 4.2 25 April 2023 It will bring several new changes and improvements as well as new content for all platforms and for the game.

In particular, it will be introduced Discarded map reviewwill be characterized by various variations from previously available designs and features. Various improvements will be applied to collecting and customization, such as the ability to remove weapon accessories already on the screen dedicated to collectibles.

Some improvements will be applied to the round end screen with the addition of new stats and various other features dedicated to players’ personal performance. You can find the full list of changes implemented with Update 4.2 here. this address.

Battlefield 2042 has received a huge boost since its initial arrival on PlayStation Plus, resulting in a 500% increase in player numbers.

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