Honkai Star Rail has reached 10 million players and has not yet been released

Honkai Star Rail he did well 10 million players and it’s not out yet. of course we talk pre-registrationThis gives us an idea of ​​the level of interest in this new free-to-play game. As a new game from HoYoverse, creators of Genshin Impact, it’s not so strange that the game is making so much noise.

It won’t overlap too much with Honkai Star Rail Genshin Effect as it will offer turn-based combat rather than real-time action combat. We’ll have to see if the news can hold the public, but with ten million pre-registrations, the facilities are at least pretty positive.

Pre-registration to Honkai Star Rail explicitly allows you to: get bonusnamely 20 Star Rail Passes – one of the game’s premium currencies for obtaining characters – and Serval, a 4-star electric type character.

Image celebrating 10 million pre-registration on Honkai Star Rail

In our test, we explained to you: “Once again, although it’s clearly a well-finished and well-developed title, and its tech sector has put it above a significant portion of the circulating gacha competition, Honkai: Star Rail doesn’t seem to us to be calculated with the same cunning as its “big brother” Genshin Impact. its nature, its mechanics are actually a bit too simple for those who have been hanging around in the genre for a while, combining it too. It doesn’t allow you to switch to aggressive monetization as it tends to be done with many other titles with similar systems and Genshin. “It can come up with stunning numbers. We’ll see if time will prove us right.”

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