Street Fighter 6: Preload date and weight of the game announced by PS Store and Xbox Store

street fighter 6 It will be available in early June, but when will it be possible to start production? Preloading your game? According to PlayStation Store, the date is 31 May 2023for both the PlayStation 4 version and the PlayStation 5 version game weight instead it was introduced by the Xbox Store: 50GB.

That’s a normal weight for this type of game, so we don’t think gamers will have to work hard to find a place on their consoles. Of course it is possible game weight it’s a little different on other platforms, but overall Street Fighter 6 should be around 50GB.

We remember that Preloading Those who pre-order the game can use it. Street Fighter 6 will be released on June 2, 2023, so we’ll have about a few days to safely download the full game and be ready when activated.

In our testing last year, “With a very entertaining combat system with enormous potential, an outstanding network code to say the least, and a roster that left us speechless from the very beginning, Street Fighter 6’s cards seem to be sorted out. If not the best, then the best Street Street ever.” Being one of the Fighters. This closed beta exceeded all our expectations, constantly surprising us and making our mouths water for everything next. To upset an already well-founded game like this, Capcom is expected to make big mistakes in the coming months and we We really don’t believe they will. Street Fighter and fighting game fans, all get ready.”

Finally, we remind you that the Street Fighter 6 Showcase has been announced by Capcom with the date and time, and there will be “big announcements”.

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