Halo: Will the next game be “on all platforms”? Reference in job posting

Among the many suggestions talking about Xbox games on other platforms, a report is emerging that suggests the future of Xbox games. Hale Open PlayStation or Nintendo platformsInterpretation of what is reported as factual 343 Industry job postings but it is doubtful.

The issue refers to an announcement released by 343 Industries that appears to be about a new game in the Halo series, when in fact the project is reported to be concerning”all platforms“, but this may refer to the platforms mentioned, namely Xbox and PC.

The announcement is for the Lead Game System Designer, a designer involved in the making of game systems that plays a very important role in the creative process of video games in relation to new projects related to 343 Industries and “.next generation Games and experiences in the world of Halo.

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Halo Infinite, a picture

Among the responsibilities specified in the specification of the role in question, we also find “establishing clear design objectives, focusing on achieving consistent and high-quality experiences in the design of systems.” all playerson all platforms.”

This last aspect has been considered as another possible indication of Microsoft's desire to bring Halo to a fully multiplatform context, but in reality the matter cannot be so easily interpreted in this sense.

The context here relates to parallel development on PC and Xbox, as well as the development of projects that can go beyond the classic video game; so the idea is that the reference to “all players on all platforms” can be understood in a general way. or refer specifically to oneself PC and XboxThese are areas already mentioned in other parts of the announcement.

In any case, after so much talk about the possibility of Xbox games going multiplatform, we're expecting official communications next week with clearer information about the anticipated future of Microsoft's gaming division.

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