Call of Duty 2025 still didn't have a main studio assigned to it, and that's weird

Tom Henderson pointed out an interesting detail of the management. Call of Duty series. Reportedly, 2025 episode right now Doesn't have a core team yet He will lead the project with only 20 months until its release.

Reportedly, Activision's initial idea was to hand the work over to Sledgehammer Games, but after a 16-month development cycle for Modern Warfare 3, the team “essentially rejected” it. According to Henderson, it's not obvious that an Activision team would be against working on a game, but Sledgehammer Games He was able to provide convincing justifications.

Henderson goes on to state: High Moon Studios It was in contention for a while, but it's unclear if it still is. High Moon Studios is mostly the support team for Call of Duty.

However, according to Henderson, this It will be more reliable than Infinity Ward Since Sledgehammer was already working on the 2026 episode to develop the 2025 episode, it would have been given the green light for the 2027 game instead.

The strange situation of Call of Duty

First of all, to point out this is a rumorAlthough it is unofficial information and the fact that the information may be outdated or outdated even if correct, it must be said that Henderson is a reliable source and we can use what is stated as the basis for several arguments.

For gamers, 2025's Call of Duty is a long way off Not very interesting considering that the game in 2024 has not yet been announced and there are only 20 months until its potential release, it is very strange and worrying that there is no main team leading the project, because it takes several years to create a new game. A game of this caliber.

Frankly lack of core team This doesn't mean that no progress has been made, as each chapter is the result of support from various teams and there will probably be at least a general idea of ​​the type of game that will be made, but in any case it is uneven and Activision may need to make up for this time It was somehow lost due to a delay (unlikely), content being cut at launch, or an increase in support staff/team.

Moreover, it seems that the next games will feature an open world scenario like Far Cry.

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