Foamstars was released without the platinum trophy

foam stars does not have these features platinum trophy. In fact, the game launched today, February 6, on PlayStation with a very small number of trophies: only twelve. So anyone expecting to use it with a PlayStation Plus subscription (all tiers) and platinum will be very disappointed.

For those who don't know, Foamstars is an online shooter from Square Enix where characters fight with foam. In short, it is a very cheerful and colorful game that may surprise you because it is free.

foam stars cups

So, let's look at what Foamstars trophies are, most of which need to be unlocked in public matches.

List of bronze trophies

  • Destroy the Star – Win in Destroy the Star. *Private parties and ranked parties are excluded
  • Rubber Duck Party – Win at the Rubber Duck Party. *Private parties and ranked parties are excluded
  • Survival Bath – Win in Survival Bath. *Private parties and ranked parties are excluded
  • Big shout out to the party legend – Win in Ranked Party.
  • Nice rescue! – Make a good save for a teammate. *Lounge and private parties are excluded
  • Sparkling – Foams the opponent. *Lounge and private parties are excluded
  • Beautiful calm! – Cool 10 opponents. *Lounge and private parties are excluded
  • Talent to Pursue – Earn an award in an area.
  • Good team! – Complete a squad mission on Normal difficulty.

List of silver trophies

  • The Best Team – Complete a team mission on Hard difficulty.
  • Let's party! – Join 25 parties. *Private parties excluded

List of gold trophies

  • We are Foam Stars! – Reach level 25.

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