GTA 6, did Rockstar hide a cryptic message in the GTA Online update?

Rockstar Games may have hidden it encrypted message relating to GTA 6 finally GTA Online updateSan Andreas Mercenaries: This is a T-shirt with a logo surrounded by numbers that seem to refer to the letters of the alphabet.

Solving the puzzle reveals the message: “One day everything will be revealed”, “someday everything will be revealed” and fans of the series hope this is a reference to the unveiling of Grand Theft Auto 6. shouldn’t be far Considering the sensational leak that revealed gameplay videos and images of the game that surfaced a few months ago.

Of course, there is another possibility, which is much less exciting but perhaps more plausible: the message actually refers to a DLC that will also come out of GTA Online and is about Halloween or UFOs.

Whatever the truth may be, important calculations are already being made for the next chapter of the saga: According to some analysts, GTA 6 will sell 14 million copies when it is released, and will raise a billion dollars thanks to the extraordinary popularity of the brand.

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