The Last of Us: Naughty Dog celebrated the game’s 10th anniversary, but no announcement was made.

naughty dog started to celebrate. tenth anniversary related to what’s left of us, originally released on PS3 today in 2013. However, in a message he published on Twitter, he stated that he would not make announcements regarding the development of new games in order not to mislead fans and to take the pressure off the development team.

Naughty Dog: “The Last of Us fans, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary by honoring the influence of the series, our studio, and your love for the game, and we won’t be doing that. ad-free about game development.

To get started, we’ll share some of our favorite shots. photo mode you shared.”

So there is no information about the series, not even about what was expected several times Our End Onlineor Groups that were reported during the Year but for which nothing would be known if rumors of project downsizing turned out to be unfounded.

At least we can console ourselves with that. images it was made by fans which is really beautiful and Post on the company’s official blogwhere some of the original developers talked about the making of The Last of Us and what it means.

Naughty Dog recently apologized for not being able to showcase its new projects, including The Last of Us online and a new single-player game unknown and perhaps The Last of Us 3.

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