Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty wants people to understand that triple A’s take 4-6 years

matte bootyhead Xbox Game StudiosHe said that both gamers and the industry in general, and thus the press, need to understand that the biggest games now have it. development cycles about 4-6 years old.

The Xbox executive addressed the issue in an interview with Axios regarding high-budget games: “I think the industry and fans are a little behind in understanding that the games themselves are not developed.” more in two or three years. It takes four, five and six years.”

Booty’s comment came in the face of a lot of criticism from fans. announcement timing Many of the games, especially some that weren’t featured at the last Xbox Games Show, often don’t take into account the current reality of the market and how big their development cycles are.

Over the past generations, we have become accustomed to much more frequent launches of individual series games. For example, in the Xbox 360 generation, we’ve seen the arrival of more episodes of series like Halo and Gears of War throughout the console’s lifecycle, but it’s no longer possible to have the same beats today unless you dedicate too much. however, it is a possibility that can only be considered with achievements like Call of Duty, and which in any case requires tremendous time and organization.

As Booty explained to Axios, the growth in development time is largely driven by an increase in public expectations: “Expectations are higher. The level of fidelity we were able to launch increased.”

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