GTA 6 could have better and unique animations, thanks to an old developer’s invention

Take-Two has patented a new technology that will guarantee movement-specific movement. Grand Theft Auto 6 “highly dynamic and realistic animations”. At least according to u/Tobbelobben30, a user on Reddit noted that Tobias Kleanthous’ name was “mentioned in the leaked information.” [GTA 6]”. After researching online, Tobbelobben discovered that Kleanthous worked at Rockstar between 2014 and the end of 2021, during which time he specialized in AI/gaming and animation.

This Take-Two Patent for GTA 6 Hints at Highly Dynamic and Realistic Animations
withu/Tobbelobben30 insideGTA6

Interestingly, Kleanthous is also the chief inventor and author of a book. Patent titled System and Method for Virtual Character Movement (System and Method for Virtual Character Movement), which he describes on his LinkedIn profile as “relating to animated movement control based on some core technologies designed and implemented at Rockstar Games.”

“It looks like they are using a very smart system based on this patent,” says Tobbelobben30, who seems to have read the entire patent. User reveals Rockstar Games will create gods “blocks” of animations It can be dynamically combined by the game to create multiple types of movements that vary depending on the animated character’s internal and external factors.

Tobbelobben30 believes this means “GTA 6 could have” more diverse and realistic animations”, so you see characters move “to correspond to weather conditions, energy levels, and injuries,” making the gaming experience “more immersive.”

“Having characters that can adapt to different situations makes the game world more real and exciting.”

GTA 6, what can animation blocks be used for?

Animations are a fundamental part of every game

This type of system not only allows us to create more diverse and contextual animations, but also more animations with less effortat least in the long run. The emerging idea was that instead of creating an entire animation for every possible movement of the character, Rockstar Games could create individual components and leave the rest to the system.

GTA 6 will certainly be a very large game (even if a Rockstar Games veteran hopes the map will be smaller), so finding ways to simplify the production of assets could be essential to completing the project in an acceptable time.

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