The origin of the sword found in the game code Elden Ring was discovered a year and a half later

Hand Ring is a video game full of secrets and content, but, as is the case with FromSoftware’s work, it is a product full of details that a casual gamer will not see. Let’s talk about the details found in the game code and asset folders that are not used much in the work. But after a year and a half, a problem was solved secret tied to the sword.

In short, Elden Ring is a the missing sword. There is only one icon in the game code, which allows us to understand that the weapon was not eventually used by the developers, although it was originally planned. This could take three different forms with one base and two variants, which became a kind of “evolution”. The first evolving form was due to Haligtree, the second to the flame of Madness. According to dataminers, the sword’s “evolution” was likely linked to an Elden Ring quest.

However, doubts remained about the true origin of the sword and its provenance. presence in the game. We now discover that the sword is technically present in the game, but as an environmental element and not as an object. The same polygonal model is used in the sword-shaped tombstones we encounter in various parts of the game. It’s unclear whether the idea was to find the original weapon from which the tombstones were created, or whether FromSoftware scrapped the idea and then reused the model to create the tombstones and make their lives easier.

Elden Ring Erdtree’s Shadow, when is the news?

The only official visual for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

While data miners’ discoveries are interesting and keep the community active, most players want to receive news about DLC. Elden Ring, Shadow of Erdtree, remained silent for a long time. Our hope is that the Game Awards will bring good news.

Rumors point to February 5, 2024 as the release date: we hope to find out soon if this will be the case.

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