Mortal Kombat 1, Halloween Fatality price is $10: controversy ensues

It’s an argument for him Halloween Death related to Mortal Kombat 1Available for a few days on the NetherRealm Studios fighting game store: you’ll have to spend money to get it $ 10more precisely 1200 dragon crystals.

needless to say players didn’t take it well: Although magnificent and made specifically for this period, the finisher is sold at a truly exaggerated price, especially considering that the game adopts a premium model.

Soon the roster of Mortal Kombat 1 will see the arrival of Omni-Man, but the question there is very different; the character is also a part of it. Kombat Pack and post-launch support for the series has worked this way for several years.

Will it sell or not?

Calls for Mortal Kombat 1 players to boycott Halloween Fatality have increased on social media. an unscrupulous business operationThis is an action that users should definitely not encourage.

It will be interesting to understand whether these calls will permeate the fighting game community or be ignored, as well as what Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios’ position will be on such policies. Beautiful.

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