GTA 6: is the presentation closed? Even a date suggested by the Moon appears

When rumors are talked about GTA 6You should always consider a good dose of imagination on the part of the fans who tend to see it. tips and there is evidence almost everywhere; so much so that truly incredible narratives are being constructed about the alleged events. presentationIn this case, the new action could take place as early as next week.

What is official about GTA 6 is basically the only fact stated by the team that the game is the future and is currently in development. For the rest, Rockstar Games has been careful not to report details about the ongoing game, which was at the center of a major leak a few months ago.

But beyond the stolen images and videos, no actual presentation of the game has yet been seen, so let’s move on to the latest update: Rockstar Games posted a message on the X with the image you can see below.

Analysis of Rockstar Games’ message

The message announces the arrival of some content dedicated to the “moon festival” in GTA Online, and so far nothing strange. But as previously reported, many people noticed a detail on the left side of the image: “YOU“.

In reality, the writing on the back of the two characters is from Vinewood, Los Santos’ neighborhood corresponding to Hollywood, but the location of the letters certainly cannot be missed and, to some, would be an obvious reference.

But that’s not all: since we are talking about a Lunar festival, someone began to analyze the Moon phase represented in the image and discovered that it corresponds to the date October 3, 2023. planned for Tuesday 3 October 2023.

In addition to the moon phase question, the rationale will also be based on Rockstar’s insistence that October be the launch month for various installments of the series, as well as October, which is a recurring month for such announcements.

After initial discussions about possible references to GTA 6 in the message regarding GTA Online, the theories immediately went further and analyzed clues connected to the month of October, more precisely “RockOctober”, taking into account how the month in question has always been. It is thought to be related to the news of the team in question.

At this point, we wait to see if there will be any news next week, knowing that even the fan restructuring is essentially a big group game of sorts.

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