Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project, online video of the demo of this project in Unreal Engine 5

team of professional developers who have worked on Final Fantasy IX: The Memory ProjectA non-playable project driven only by passion, aimed at rebuilding the world of Final Fantasy IX. Unreal Engine 5released one, presenting it with updated graphics promotional videos 25 minutes to show it in action.

This is a concept really good video. After all, fifty professionals in the industry have worked on it. Let’s see him.

Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project was developed for three years without any profit motive. Meanwhile, news broke that Square Enix may indeed be working on a Final Fantasy IX remake. Who knows if it will reach the same level except that everything here is presented in conceptual form. Of course, if it really exists.

After all these years, Final Fantasy IX continues to be very popular, and some consider it one of the best episodes of the series. Final Fantasy XVI will be released soon, and it’s pretty impressive how much time has passed since then.

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