Fortnite x LEGO: A leak reveals the date of the event and many details about its content

According to a new news Fortnite specific leakL’lego activity Will be available in Fortnite from 7 December. Fortnite updates and events typically occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with December 7th falling on Thursday, so this is a reliable statement.

It is not yet known how long the event will last, but such transitions usually occur. takes at least two weeksso players should have plenty of time to participate once the game starts.

Details of Fortnite x LEGO leak

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Neither Epic Games nor Lego has officially announced anything, but the leak in question contains a lot of information about what might happen in this regard. cross over.

It looks like players will be able to: take the form of a Lego character The event features many Lego objects, including the Stud Gun, workbenches, beds and fences, as well as travel objects such as catapults and ziplines. In this Lego game mode, you will be able to mine materials and create objects by interacting with vendors to purchase camps where you can rest. There will also be enemies to fight.

The mode will include many features. Movement options available in FortniteSuch as running, flying and swimming, although no vehicles are mentioned in the leak. Apparently, this mode will also feature new versions of various Fortnite emotes featured in the Lego Minifig variant.

Additionally, the pass may include custom Minecraft-style worlds.

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