An avalanche of gold and bonus experience points starting tomorrow with Diablo 4: Mother’s Blessing

Players starting tomorrow evening Diablo 4 they will be able to achieve large amounts of experience points and gold thanks to his return mother’s blessingA bonus that will be available for a limited time in both the Seasonal and Eternal Realms.

Especially Starting tomorrow, November 20th at 19.00At the same time, on Monday, November 27, players will earn experience points and gold increased by 35%. This bonus can also be accumulated with other bonuses such as potions and experience jars to get even greater benefits.

This isn’t the first time Blizzard has suggested Mother’s Blessing. The first one was released to players at the end of August, but only offered a 25% multiplier. What’s more, a lot of water (and patches) has passed under the bridge since then, and there have been various changes to progression, such as reaching level 100 is now 40% faster. In short, by taking advantage of the event, players should be able to reach level 100 in an instant, even using a new character.

Two seasonal events in December

Blizzard likely introduced this new Mother’s Blessing to prepare players for the new Diablo 4 events coming in December. It will be the first one Zir slaughterhouse It was launched on December 5th as a very high difficulty activity designed for the most daring and prepared players.

Will start on December 12 Midwinter SicknessA Christmas-themed event (although Sancuatium’s festive climate is quite spooky) it will allow players to explore the snowy and terrifying lands of the Shattered Hills and face possible “red and mysterious horrors.”

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