Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: a rich gallery of images with fights, summons and characters

Square Enix has published many news in addition to the news shared in recent days. new images related to Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth with menu screens offering a bit more detailed information about heroes, monsters, environments, secondary characters, and even current difficulty levels.

The Japanese company recently released a trailer summarizing the history of the remakes of Final Fantasy 7, as well as some details about the new scenarios and characters and character traits we will meet in the new adventure of Cloud and his companions. gameplay and especially synergistic attacks, i.e. spectacular combined blows between party members.

All the elements we can see in the gallery below, where some frames from the battles in which Cloud, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII are the protagonists have been added. We can also see the call in action kujataA massive four-legged divine being who can hurl ice, fire, and electric attacks, or all three, at enemies with the very powerful “Triple Calamity”.

Among the various images we can also see some menus related to the development of Materials, customization of Chocobos and the selection screen. fight mode and difficulty level. As in the previous game, it will be possible to choose between the “Active” mode, in which the player will have full control over the characters, and the “Classic” mode, which automates the basic actions of the characters, giving the player time to focus on strategy. and the use of skill and magic.

In addition to the Easy and Normal levels already available in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, in Rebirth players will also be able to choose from: new Dynamic difficulty level It automatically adjusts the difficulty of the fights according to the player’s skill and is designed for those who love the excitement of battle. However, we do not know whether the Hard mode, which was unlocked after completing the game in the previous game, will return.

We remind you that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be available starting from: February 29, 2024 It’s timed specifically for PS5.

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