Fortnite: Influencers team up with battle royale Creative 2.0 to create Project V

SypherPK, Ninja, CouRageJD, NICKMERCS, and TimTheTatman, five majors influencers who to deal with Fortnitedecided to participate and collaborate in the creation of Project V, their battle royale basically created using this tool Creative 2.0.

Now a true metaverse, Fortnite players are increasingly drawn to Creative 2.0, a powerful development tool provided by. Epic Games, game development studio, allowing everyone to create their own creations. In fact, Fortnite has become like Roblox, with users launching new maps and new experiences.

Given the enthusiasm, SypherPK, Ninja, CouRageJD, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman decided to monetize the situation by creating a real situation. battle royale Alternative in Fortnite with Creative 2.0. Development will be led by Sypher’s Oni Studios’ Fortnite division, called Superjoy Studios, and will launch in 2024.

An official Discord channel will open next year Project VIt’s where fans will get all the information about the case along with updates on the progress and can vote on some issues like the artistic direction.

Anyone interested can already register on the official website of the projectit aims to be much more than a new custom map.

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