Elden Ring: The Convergence alpha version is available, it’s a huge mod.

Version available alpha your mod convergence For Hand Ringmakes changes in every aspect of the game. A huge mod of the team that turned Dark Souls 3 upside down with a mod of the same name. So many were the innovations that the release note required twenty-four pages.

So what does Elden Ring: The Convergence do? Blend player quality of life improvements with new spells, new gear, new bosses and more to not only improve the flow of the game, but also change the experience in Interregnum.

For example, by installing The Convergence, it becomes possible to select new builds for around thirty Elden Ring classes. We invite you to read to know all the news. document prepared by developers. Of course, since this is only the alpha version, much more is expected for the beta and final versions, whose release date is not yet known.

Just go to download The Convergence In Nexus Mods.

In short, we now know what to do while we wait for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.official expansion of the game

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