Fortnite: Disney invests $1.5 billion in Epic Games for new games and entertainment

Disney purchased a $1.5 billion stake in Epic Games and the two companies are preparing to come together Disney universe of games and entertainment connected Fortnite. An operation that represents the house of Mickey Mouse's largest investment in the video game market.

Details about this new “universe” are scarce at the moment, but Disney is talking about world-class games. Unreal Engine It will work alongside Fortnite and offer a series of new standalone experiences, a bit like Lego Fortnite.

There's also talk of creating a persistent universe that will allow you to play, watch, and shop with stories and characters. Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar as well as creating stories and experiences that can be shared, among others.

Press release from Epic Games and Disney

The announcement came through a trailer published by the Epic Games YouTube channel and a statement made by Disney, which we will quote below, including statements from the top management of the two companies.

“Our exciting new relationship with Epic Games will bring together Disney's beloved brands and franchises with the wildly popular Fortnite on a new platform. game and entertainment universe“said Robert A. Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

“This marks Disney's largest entry into the gaming industry and presents significant opportunities for growth and expansion. We can't wait for fans to experience the Disney stories and worlds they love in revolutionary new ways.”

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney added: “Disney was one of the first companies to believe in the potential to merge their world with ours in Fortnite and use the Unreal Engine across its portfolio. Now we're collaborating on something completely new.” Create a persistent, open and interoperable ecosystem “This will unite the Disney and Fortnite communities.”

“This will allow us to bring together our incredible collection of stories and experiences from across the company for broad audiences in ways we have only dreamed of before,” said Josh D'Amaro, President of Disney Experiences. “Epic Games' industry-leading technology and Fortnite's open ecosystem will help us reach consumers wherever they are.”

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