Ovewatch 2: Season 9 trailer reveals changes in rivalry and crossover with Cowboy Bebop

Blizzard released the game's promotional trailer today. Season 9 related to Overwatch 2It's titled “Champions,” which seems to offer some interesting news for players of the multiplayer shooter game. The new season will open its doors February 13, 2024.

The most prominent of these is undoubtedly Rework for classification system It is stated that the competitive mode, where all players' competitive rankings will be reset and changes will be made to the progress system, will now offer the opportunity to see both positive and negative progress made after each match. Additionally, the new Champion rank will be introduced in Season 9.

New costumes and crossovers from Cowboy Bebop

Among other innovations we also find some new ones jade colored weapon skin Unlockable for all heroes. There will also be new costumes and accessories available for purchase in the store, as well as other costumes obtainable with the Overwatch 2 Season Pass.

At the end of the movie, we can also hear the beginning of the opening song. Cowboy BebopPractically confirming the arrival of a crossover event for the 1999 anime, which is still highly appreciated by fans, it means more details will be shared later.

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