According to the latest official data, GTA 5 sold more than 195 million copies, ahead of Red Dead Redemption 2 61

In its latest financial report covering the fourth quarter of 2023, publisher Take Two announced: GTA 5 sold others 5 million copiesreached a record number 195 million copies It has been selling since its debut in September 2013 (second only to Minecraft). This represents a growth of 2.6% compared to the previous year, making it clear how unorthodox the success of the series has been, having sold more than 420 million copies in total.

Sales of GTA V

Very good Red Dead Redemption 2It sold another 4 million copies in the specified period, reaching 61 million in total. The Red Dead Redemption series reached 86 million copies in total, a growth of 5 million copies compared to September 2023.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Sales
Red Dead Redemption 2 Sales

From this data, it's not hard to understand why the wait for GTA 6 is so crazy, so much so that Take Two explained how the release of the game's trailer also helped monetize the fifth installment.

Other data

Other historical Take Two series also performed well; NBA 2K24 sold 7 million copies. We're not at GTA level, but it's still an excellent result.

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