Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh update available, somehow adds sex

Massive Monster announces its launch The Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Bodynamely the 1.3.0 update of the popular game, which combines city-building elements with roguelike elements. Among the prominent elements of the patch: sexAlbeit in a more subtle way than one might think.

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We should point out that the Sins of the Flesh update is completely free, but the update was also released in the same period. Sinner Pack DLC Adding some themed cosmetics for €4.99:

  • 5 new skins for followers: Hammerhead, Ladybug, Tiger, Llama, Sphinx.
  • 6 new outfits for followers
  • 6 new worship decorations
  • A new, sinful fleece for the lamb!

The main additions to Sins of the Flesh are sins, including dedicated rituals, buildings to enjoy the frenzied joy, and new doctrines. Sin is certainly a new resource that can be spent on improving the temple, hastening Purgatory, redoctrinating followers, and building new buildings.

Among the new rituals, the lust ritual stands out, which transforms a follower into the leader of the Mayflower wearing a crown of flowers, and will produce Sin for the player. Meanwhile, the followers will not work part time and will wander around the village completely naked. In short, an ordinary day for the editorial team.

In short, what better opportunity to get back to playing Cult of the Lamb than with this major update full of sins to commit?

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