AMD Ryzen 8000 series arrives in 2024 with Zen 5 architecture and AM5 socket

AMD verified the processors Ryzen 8000 series will make their debut during 2024: CPUs based on the new Zen 5 architecture and Socket AM5 will integrate an RDNA 3.5 graphics chip, like Phoenix APUs.

The company also talked about the duration, revealing that the AM5 platform will last until 2026: that means it will. at least four processor families for the new socketIncluding the Ryzen 7000 series that already exists in the Zen 4 architecture.

Zen 5 processors will be available in three variants (Zen 5, Zen 5 V-Cache, Zen 5C) and will be designed from the ground up with a completely new microarchitecture aimed at delivering high performance with excellent efficiency thanks to the integrated artificial processor. intelligence and machine learning optimizations.

While the design of the new Ryzen remains a mystery for now, the roadmap prepared by AMD corresponds to the following features:

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