Overwatch 2: Starting in Season 9, more heroes will be able to heal themselves with a controversial choice

Blizzard looks set to continue announcing highly controversial changes Overwatch 2Now something new is planned to come Season 9 will allow more quantity heroes who will heal themselves Without resorting to supporting characters that can significantly change the balance and balance of the game.

Considering that Overwatch is a team game where the balance of power between the various abilities of the characters is essential, such a move has great overall importance. balancing This will bring about discussions that started shortly after the news was announced.

In an article on the official blog, directed by Aaron Keller He reported that this change is expected for Season 9 of Overwatch 2, expected to arrive in mid-February, but there is no exact timing yet for the addition of this new feature.

Risk of changing the balance

Mauga Tank is one of the newest characters in Overwatch 2

Essentially, the idea is to introduce a “modified and reduced version of the Support class's passive self-healing ability”, even for heroes that don't belong to that class. Tank and DamageThis clearly represents a big change.

This should also allow Unsupported players Having more options for self-survival,” Keller explained, “should also take some of the pressure off Support players trying to keep everyone else alive, especially those who have no control over their own health.

The risk is that this change results Negatives such as discouraging the use of Support characters, whose importance may decrease in the future, as well as the possibility that players using Damage and Tank characters will be able to act independently of strategic team maneuvers, thanks to the greater security provided by these new introductions.

In any event, Blizzard is aware of the risks this change may pose and reserves the right to retract and remove this feature at a later time; he also has to carefully balance this as best as possible over a longer period of time. will be introduced to the public.

Recently, we saw the arrival of Update 3.70 for Overwatch 2 with the arrival of the Year of the Dragon season.

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