FIFA 23 added Nouhaïla Benzina, the first female player to wear a headscarf.

During the Women’s Football World Cup, fifa 23 Updated to add Moroccan football player to the game Nouhaila Oilfirst appearing in virtual form wearing a scarf. Actually, Benzine was already in the game, but without a headscarf.

An important innovation

To underline the innovation, the release note itself“Nouhaïla Benzina football player’s model has been updated to include the title.”

The possibility of wearing a headscarf on the field is also a fairly new innovation for real football. Previously, FIFA did not allow this due to the risk of head or neck injury, but it was declared available from March 2014, meaning it was decided that wearing a headscarf for religious reasons was possible.

FIFA 16 was the first installment in the series to feature women’s football in the form of national teams. Club teams have also been added to FIFA 23, with EA Sports FC 24 women will also be in fashion Ultimate Team where mixed teams can be formed.

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