Red Dead Redemption: The best version will be the as-yet-unannounced Xbox version

Operation Red Dead Redemption water everywhere. The original sold over twenty million copies, the sequel sold fifty-five million copies, but publisher Take-Two and development studio Rockstar Games have never given it much love. The direct conversion of Red Dead Redemption in 2023 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch for € 50 is just a scam. Let’s not say there is no work behind it anyway, because that wouldn’t be true. We don’t even blame the development team assigned to do the work because they clearly did as they were told. The main problem with the whole operation, better versionactually, it will Xboxesit wasn’t even announced… because it’s already on sale.

silly choices

Couldn’t there be more love for Red Dead Redemption?

This statement may sound silly to many, but think about it: On Xbox (One, Series X, and Series S), you can play the Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption with backward compatibility, guaranteed resolution and performance boost. by platform functionality. That’s why Rockstar removed Xbox from the project: It wouldn’t make sense to recommend a new version of the game, or even worse, the same one that’s already available for purchase and play.

Also, given that it costs less, Red Dead Redemption for Xbox it could be price Spend €29.99, i.e. €20 less than the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions. It’s also a demonstration of just how positively backward compatibility can be managed with the Microsoft way of all things Microsoft, given that it will really save money for those who already own the original game, and its presence prevents Take-Two from including Xboxes. .

With this, we don’t mean to advise you against anything or to invite you to who knows what crusade. Red Dead Redemption remains a great game, and anyone who knows that supporting similar operations means supporting them in some way will make their own choices. However, as this is the first time in the series on a Nintendo console, we anticipate that some Nintendo users will be happy to be able to play the game. Too bad for PC gamers to be excluded and the PS5 to be underestimated, which will not be exploited in any way. Actually, more could have been done.

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