Red Dead Redemption for PS4 and Switch: Price “commercially correct” for Take-Two CEO

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, defended the price choice. PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Red Dead Redemption with 49.99 eurosa price defined bycommercially correct“.

For the uninitiated, yesterday Rockstar Games announced the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Red Dead Redemption, which will be available from August 17 for 49.99 euros. The price itself has faced a lot of criticism over the past few hours as it has since been evaluated. very high for a simple port of a 2010 game that won’t boast big improvements in terms of graphics as there are no remasters or remakes.

Also on Xbox 360, the game is playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in large numbers thanks to backward compatibility and with the Undead Nightmare expansion, which can be purchased separately for €9.99. resolution 4K and multiplayer, the latter lacks in ports.

Reply from CEO Zelnick

When asked about it by IGN, Zelnick replied, “This is how we feel. commercially correct price“.

Take-Two’s VP of Finance Hannah Sage has confirmed that the Switch and PS4 versions of Red Dead Redemption will be released. Includes Undead Nightmare DLCZelnick added that this is an invaluable addition to the proposal.

“Undead Nightmare was a great indie game when it first came out, so we think it’s a great first game bundle and it certainly is great value for consumers“.

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