Ion Fury: Aftershock, expansion available as of today, almost a surprise

After a long wait, Ion Rage: Aftershocknew expansion Hitman from Voidpoint and 3D Realms identified Available from October 2, 2023It is practically surprising, considering the long silence that has characterized the recent development.

The game resurfaced in a demo at Gamescom 2023, and it’s been a few days since then, but the expansion is now publicly available via Steam.

There’s also a launch trailer confirming its arrival planned for today; The title is currently available for download from its official page on the Valve store.

Aftershock is also offered with a launch discount of 10% compared to the standard price of 13.49 euros for the expansion pack, while there is an interesting offer of a total discount of 47% if you buy the entire bundle between the original game and the expansion. Currently 21.13 euros.

Ion Fury: Aftershock also re-releases the original

Ion Fury, screenshot of the game

Ion Fury: Aftershock continues history The main story of the main game with Shelly Harrison, who immediately finds herself in another adventure after defeating Heskel. He doesn’t even have time to celebrate when he finds himself once again involved in an extremely challenging mission.

It looks like Heskel has returned with a huge flying machine. The hero immediately gives chase, but must face a multitude of new threats in later levels before reaching a (perhaps) new final confrontation with the boss.

The expansion brings a new feature Edit modeThis expansion can make the main game experience fresh even if you’ve played it before, making it the perfect way to dive back into the action in the world of Ion Fury. By the way, there is no definitive information about the arrival of the console versions yet, but it is expected to arrive soon.

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