Exoprimal will have a big limit on crossplay launch

functions cross game related to exoprimal they will have something important limitation At launch: Capcom has announced that there will be no problem in terms of matchmaking, but the creation of parties must comply with certain conditions.

In particular, users can create Party only with other players in these platform groups:

  • Group 1: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows
  • Group 2: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
  • Group 3: Steam

Is it something doomed to change?

While the developers of Exoprimal announced this inconvenience, they announced that they are working to identify solutions that allow it. extend crossplay to grouping as wellbut this may take some time.

Anyway, Capcom should release it soon update roadmap coming to the game to outline how it will be supported after launch.

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