Diablo 4 Season 1: Season of the Husk release date, trailer and details

Blizzard has finally announced the release date for season 1. Diablo 4will be titled Season of Husks. All players who own the game, 20 July 2023.

The announcement came with trailerA game that predicts how our brave characters will have to deal with a new, rotten corruption that has invaded the lands of Sanctuary and spread like a disease. Fortunately, Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, has found a way to eliminate it, but he will need our help to achieve it.

Season of the Abjects, as Blizzard developers explained in a live stream tonight. completely new story and independent of the main expedition that confronted us with Lilith’s threat. Exactly from 20 July 2023 we will be able to participate in this by interacting with Cormond in Kyovashad.

A new mechanic, bosses and equipment

Season of Husks will bring many new features for Diablo 4 players. new mechanic: We will be able to get “Shell Hearts” by defeating Husks. There are more than 30 different types and we will be able to turn them into special gems to be placed on equipment to achieve unique effects.

there will be a lot 6 new unique items and 7 legendary skins It will be obtained throughout the Season to further develop our characters. They’ll definitely come in handy for dealing with Consumed Varshan, a new boss haunting the Vile Galleries.

In order to speed up the leveling of our characters, we also Cigarette AshesIn addition to the XP bonuses obtained from the Battle Pass, which we remember to have both a free and premium reward path, the chance to get rare materials by recycling and more.

We remind you that to participate in Husk Season and all subsequent seasons, you will need to create a new seasonal character in a separate Kingdom each time, and this character will eventually be transferred to the Eternal Kingdom. season, along with others you’ve created so far.

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