Electronic Arts lays off hundreds of employees

Today electronic artsAnnounced via CEO Andrew Wilson will shoot 6% of the workforce, which is hundreds of employees leave at home The goal of restructuring is to focus efforts on new growth opportunities.

Finally financial report EA reports that as of March 2022, the total workforce is 12,900. A 6% cut equals approximately 775 fewer employees.

In a memo sent to staff by Wilson, it is emphasized that the company operates from a single point. strong position and will henceforth focus on several strategic priorities: developing games with large communities based on their strongest intellectual characteristics, making the most of communities through social and creative tools, and making interactive narrative blockbusters.

Wilson: “As we increasingly focus our attention on our securities portfolio, we are detaching ourselves from projects that do not contribute to our strategy, overhauling our assets and restructuring some of our teams.”

He also said about layoffs: “This is the hardest part of the job and we approach the process with the utmost care and respect. If possible, we give our friends the opportunity to move on to other projects. Where this is not possible. We provide additional fringe benefits such as severance pay and health and career transition services. “

Electronic Arts began notifying employees about layoffs earlier this quarter. This Dismissal notices It will continue at the beginning of the new quarter, which will start on April 1, 2023.

Electronic Arts is not the first company to decide to lay off a large chunk of staff in recent months. Before that, the same Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon/Twitch, ByteDance, Unity, Disney and many more were done.

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